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Caring For Pearls
Caring For Pearls

Proper Care and Cleaning Will Keep Your Pearls Beautiful!
Storing Pearls Safely.....
Remember, pearls are a relatively soft gem, and they should be protected from objects which can scratch them. Proper storage and care will keep them lustrous and beautiful. Keep your pearls in a soft cloth bag or pouch. If you donít have a bag or pouch, wrap them in a soft cloth. Donít just toss them into a jewelry box. If you toss them in a box or drawer with other jewelry, and they are unprotected, they may be scratched or marred by metal edges, prongs, or harder stones in your other jewelry. Do not store pearls in an airtight environment, such as a plastic bag, or in an excessively dry place. Pearls need moisture, and exposure to humidity is good for them. If they become dehydrated, they can become brittle and crack.

Protecting Your Pearls.....
Put on your pearls after you put on make-up, perfume, hair spray, or other cosmetics. These substances can harm the surface of the pearl and cause spots or disintegration.

Do not expose pearls to vinegar, ammonia or chlorine! These substances are deadly to pearls and can actually eat holes in them and dissolve them. Be especially careful when wearing a pearl ring. Itís not the right jewelry for house cleaning, since many household cleaners contain ammonia. Do not wear pearls in a swimming pool or hot tub that contains chlorine.
**Protect pearls from flames or extreme heat. They can burn or become discolored.

**Perspiration can damage pearls, so do not wear them while engaged in hard work or heavy exercise.

**Avoid wearing pearls with very rough fabrics which might scratch them.

If your pearls are set, such as in rings or earrings, check the settings periodically. If settings are loose, have a jeweler repair them.

If your pearls are strung, they will need to be restrung periodically. If you wear them very frequently, restringing once a year is recommended. They should be strung with knots separating the pearls to prevent them from rubbing against each other. Knots also help prevent the loss of pearls if the strand should break. Silk or nylon are recommended for stringing.

Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings...
Your cultured pearl stud earrings were made by gluing a 14k gold post into the hole of a half-drilled pearl. Occasionally a pearl will loosen and come off the post due to changes in temperature and humidity. If this occurs, use super glue to repair your earring. Squeeze a small amount of glue onto a piece of paper. dip the back end of the post in the glue and reinsert into the pearl. Let the earring set up for 1-2 hours before wearing again.

Cleaning Your Pearls....
After wearing, gently wipe pearls off with a hot damp towel. This cleaning will remove body oils and perspiration, which can change the color of pearls. It will also remove any traces of cosmetics which may have gotten on the pearls. If there is a spot of dirt which canít be rubbed off, use your fingernail. Do not use toothbrushes, scouring pads, or any abrasive material to clean pearls.

Periodic washing is recommended. Pearls can be washed in water with a mild soap such as Ivory. (Do NOT use detergent or any cleaning solution!) Use a soft cloth or a very soft brush to clean the knots in the string. After washing and rinsing, lay the pearls flat in a damp dish towel to dry. (Do not hang wet pearls - the string will stretch.) The pearls will be dry when the towel is dry. Do not wear pearls if the string is still wet. It may stretch and can attract dirt.

-commercial jewelry cleaners
-an ultrasonic cleaner
-powdered cleansers
-baking soda
-ammonia based cleansers
-scouring pads or abrasives

Proper care and cleaning will keep your pearls lustrous and beautiful for many years.